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  • Nigerian artist Sylvester Mabu safe and sound and protected after deadly attack on fans

    Armed terrorist open fire Sylvester Mabu safe and sound after terrorist attack on fans in Bamenda, Cameroon. On the evening of 25 november 23, around 10 p.m., at Mile 3 Nkwen in Snack Bar Big G, several unidentified terrorists on motorcycles, all armed with weapons of war, opened fire on the crowd who came to be acclaimed as an artist Nigerian known as Sylvester Mabu aka Shina Rambo. Several victims recorded, rushed to the Nkwen PMI district hospital, Bingo Annex Hospital and Bamenda Regional Hospital. Five people died at PMI: Ngayer Belinda Musaah born on 02/01/1994 Nga Bohila Sandra born on 09/08/2004 Abdu Asiru 23 years old Awah Boris born on 12/15/ 2005 Keneth Ndifor Five other people in intensive care at the PMI namely Awah Elvis Achu, Célestine Tufonyuy, Lenjo Armstrong, Nkwani Léonard, Ndi Lizette then were transferred to the regional hospital Bamenda. And finally four injured people are interned at the Bingo Annex hospital: Ayufu Junior born in 1940, Bonekeh Leuftin aged 30, Watson Ndzerem aged 31, Ankinimbom Favor aged 23.

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